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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#TerrainTuesday – The House that Trev built 2nd Edition (pt 1)

As a means of raising a bit of extra cash, I’ve recently started to build terrain that will be going up for sale on eBay in the near future.  For the most part, the type of terrain up for sale will vary between Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but to start with, I embraced the skills developed from previous endeavours and began my own housing development. 

I made my first two attempts at house building back in 2013 that were specific to my own gaming fantasy gaming table.  With the completion of my initial housing projects, I decided to call it there and moved on to other terrain elements for that table. Building on the Norscan theme, I’ve begun creating two new houses inspired by the designs used in the TV show Vikings.  On the whole, the design is fairly simple: Timber walls, with a rendered finish on the bottom half combined with a slate / shingle roof.  The tricky part is, getting the whole thing to look cohesive, yet not so cohesive that it looks like you’ve built a set of kit homes.  Thus, size variety is the key (as is the small changes in minor details).  Changing the design of the doors, windows and eaves will drastically alter the facade of a house and that’s exactly what you want. 

The first round of houses won’t be too large or complex as these will be the basic houses used by the majority of the populace.  As the inhabitants become more important in stature, so too will the houses become more ornate.  For the most part, this ornamentation will come in the form of various bits from Marauder and other chaosy kits that I have in my collection, with additional gubbins and points of interest being found on various bits sites as well as from friend’s collections.  From previous experience, I have found that these work best to set the scene as it were. 

Catch you all later,


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