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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

WoC Update - Let your freak flag fly (WiP)

After choosing Nurgle as my glorious patron for the upcoming tournament, I sat down and decided to at least finish painting the Standard Bearer for my warriors unit.  After sitting in my army case for several years now, I felt I could at least make an effort to get them painted.  With the musician already done and the Champion well on the way to completion, getting a fully painted command group seemed like a reasonable goal to have.  Besides, they would look totally awesome once they were completed.

I'd come up with a fairly simple plan - get the first few ranks built and painted, then add a unit filler or two to make the unit a bit unique and further increase the size of the unit.  While the unit is accompanied by 'Bessie' their 'pet' Minotaur, I struggled to come up with any additional ideas for unit fillers, purely because of their back-story as a group of huntsmen / executioners.  The mino made sense not only to act as a mascot of sorts but would conceivably work as a big-game hunter - dealing with the larger critters the unit encountered in the frosted surroundings of their homeland.  Perhaps a couple of Centaurs will be useful addition to the cause?

Catch you all later,


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