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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WoC Update - Ridden Hard and put away wet

So it turns out that the Centaur idea I was toying around with the other week has taken on a life of it's own, resulting in a pair of the humanoid-quadrupeds being assembled.  Hopefully this will add to the fluff surrounding the unit, acting as scouts and messengers for the huntsmen, whilst also working to flush out the bigger critters so that Bessie can do his thing.  In gameplay terms, these models will act as mini-fillers, taking the place of two individual warriors each.  The creation of a viable (some might say breeding) pair of mini-fillers will mirror the effect I've attempted to produce in my other units of chaos warriors.  Of all my conversion projects, this one has to be the most complicated that I've ever attempted.  The real skill of course, is making it look good...

Building these models initially presented a logistical issue insofar as I struggled to product a believable torso to mount on the neck of the chaos steed used in the Marauder Horseman kit.  Prolonged cutting and shaping saw the extraneous material trimmed off, providing me with a blank slate from which to build my warriors.  My intent will be to use my extra chaos warrior torsos and cloaks as a base and product a torso that is large enough to suit the size of the creature.  As can be imagined, extensive sculpting with greenstuff was required to fill in the void created by the space between the bottom of the horse's neck and the bottom of the torso and to create a fur cloak that would extend from the tops of the shoulders down to the small of their 'back'.  Miniature Tim does a great tutorial on sculpting fur, one that I heartily recommend:

Each of these warriors were given a great weapon, one from the old metal Chaos Warrior upgrade kit, and one using a great weapon provided in the Blightkings box.  Admittedly, when it came time to use the upgrade kit, I quickly realised that the weapon looked quite inadequate considering the size of the model so I made a few adjustments using a Standard pole from the Marauder kit and a spare Minotaur axe head I had lying around.  After all this, my mini-fillers now look like this:

So what do you think?  Do they look the part?  Let me know in the comments below.

Catch you all later,


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