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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hobby Update – Restanding the Triple Helix Project

With the recent sale of my Legion of Everblight, I’ve been considering a number of different gaming systems that might act as a suitable replacement for the third ‘strand’ of my triple helix project and after jumping between a multitude of different gaming systems (including, but not limited to Helldorado, Wild West Exodus, and Bushido), one seemingly fell into my lap after a Kickstarter I funded about 2 years ago arrived....

As I mentioned above, almost two years ago, several members of my local gaming group got together and backed a project developed by CoolMiniorNot called Wrath of Kings – a skirmish level game based around the conflicts between five very different nations whose ultimate aim is to claim rulership over the world they live in known as Arikania.  Played on a 4 x 4 table, it runs a very simple ruleset that while a little shady in areas, looks as through it’ll make for fast paced games.  While I’m yet to play a game, I’m finding the cleaning and assembly process fairly user-friendly (if a little frustrating at times).

The miniatures used in the game are plastic, with a simplistic assembly process that makes converting models a little restrictive, but not impossible.  For the most part the poses are dynamic and seem to suit the models perfectly.  The one small drawback for me in regards to miniature design is that the details on the minis are a little softer than I’m used to, though I’m sure they’ll paint up just fine.  My only other complaint is that there have been a couple of miscasts with three of the models I’ve built thus far – One of my Vampire sergeants are missing a face, one of the Werewolves are missing a chunk of their chest to accommodate the shoulder peg and finally the joint used to connect the arm of one of my Vampire Infantry to the body doesn’t quite fit the peg, requiring some serious trimming to get it to fit (though this final one could be attributed to user error).

Of the five factions available to the players, each possess their own unique sense of style when it comes to gameplay and miniature design.  The five factions are as follows:


This was the faction I picked up as part of the kickstarter – a shadowy nation whose down-trodden human inhabitants are forced to share their lands with Vampires, Werewolves and other unspeakable horrors dragged from the depths of nightmare.  These folk are designed to hit hard and fast before disengaging and vanishing into the night. 


Those who dwell under the sea find themselves warped by the influence of the ‘Deep Voices’, transforming their faithful into strange hybrids of man and seafood.  These Neptunean horrors however are not restricted to the briny deep – they are perfectly capable of leaving the ocean to beat the snot out of those who dwell on land.  Slow moving but well armoured, these warriors utilise an ability called ‘resonate’ to improve the effectiveness of their attacks. 


A land recently rocked by a successful socialist revolution, Teknes forgoes the use of magic and ritual in favour of the innovative application of esoteric science.  From powered armour to pigmen, the Teknes boffins can do it all.  One of the most distinguishable elements to this faction is the diminutive Addanii whose presence makes for models that are not only unique, but also a little quirky to boot.  Expect a Teknes army to be full of wonders and inventive miniatures whose sole purpose is to smash your army into the dirt in the most inventive way possible. 


A martial nation brought together for a common purpose, the Nasier bind fire elementals to their warmasks, allowing them to transform into warriors of vast and quasi-unlimited potential.  Utilising an aggressive mixed-arms approach provides the commander with the tools to address any battlefield situation; I believe a well-balanced Nasier force will be a thorn in the side of all but the most specialised armies. 

Shael Han

The Shael Han are the Confucian micro-managers, using their celestial harmonious abilities to cause issues untold on the battlefield.  Competitive stat lines and provocative models create an army that is both colourful and immersive.  Fully expect to see Dragon Cavalry on the field as the model is exquisite in its attention to detail and its presence creates a psychological backlash of epic proportions. 

Those Aussies who read this blog and who haven’t yet signed up to the Wrath of Kings Facebook Page, I highly recommend you do so ASAP.  It’s a growing community whose love for the game is evident indeed.

Catch you all later,



  1. Is the game any good?

    Is it like anything else I might have played?

    Would you kindly make a battle report?

    1. I'm sure that can be arranged Travis. Will just need to organise a game with either Nathan, Mark or Jamie and remember to take photos.