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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#TerrainTuesday - Speed Painting Terrain

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been working on a number of terrain projects that fir the ad-hoc theme I started when I created the bus-stop piece a while back.  These pieces have combined GW Cities of Death terrain with more mundane items salvaged from various sources to create something that is (hopefully) cool to look at and interact with.  All too often I’ve wondered at the modelling potential that could arise from combining the two and now I’m getting the chance to experience it first hand. 

 This one was one of my first pieces I built and I feel it shows what type of effective terrain you can build when you find the right resin figures.  This one was simple enough – snap off the head of the figure, smooth off the base and glue the lot onto a couple of CD’s for support.  Once it’s all painted, give it a hit with the weathering powders and Bob’s your uncle.  I have to admit, it works a treat with my crashed landspeeder piece (thanks Kev!!)

Another small project I completed.  This one’s based off of an old PC component which has been based, covered in sand, painted and weathered to product something akin to a section of ancient tech that has fallen into disrepair.  It’s a fair chunk of cover for marines and while it’s certainly one of my more unusual pieces, it seems to fit the theme just fine. 

Catch you all later,



  1. I've a stash of computer bits I need to dig out eventually for this sort of thing...
    looking damned cool =)

    1. I'd heartily recommend it Jessica! Thanks for saying so :-). Just make sure the capacitors have time to expend their electrical charge, apparently they can be explosive :-s.

    2. "they can be explosive"
      note taken... yikes!