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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Salamander Update – Size Matters

 For those who spent the end of last year either under a rock or were subjected to an inhumanly long time without internet, you missed out on one of the most ground-breaking and monumental releases of 2014 – The Blood Angels Codex.  This release was signficiant not just because of the sweet new kits or the new ways to be Billy-Badass with your space vampires, but because of a specific change to the very core of how we play with our Space Marines – the introduction of the 32mm infantry base.  The resultant internet hysteria fuelled the ‘base-gate’ scandal – a vertiable shit-storm of whinging and steadfast declarations of “how dare they!” “My army is useless now!!” and my personal favourite “Gee Dubs can’t make me change my bases!! I won’t! I won’t! I won’t!!!”  Despite the rapid deployment of ignorance, many people took a more temperate approach to the subject, carefully considering what was right for them before embracing the new base size for Marines and using then in new projects or in some cases revamping existing projects.  I was one of the latter...

Apply directly to haters.  If symptoms persist, seek
medical assistance
Despite some of my Heresy Salamanders already being fitted to 25mm bases , I decided to take the plunge and use the 32mm for my latest project.  It was a simple enough process to clip the bevelled edge off the plastic base and glue the remaining flat section directly to the surface of the 32mm base.  Admittedly at first place the size difference between the two bases is considerable when viewed side-by-side.  At this scale, 7mm makes quite a difference (giggity).  Once you get a marine on the base however, you begin to truly appreciate just how much extra room you get to play with and make your bases look spectacular. 

While this is a change I’ll embrace fully for my HH Project, I think I’ll leave my 40k Salamanders on the bases they’re currently on for now.  There are a considerable numbr of them and the vast majority of them are pinned to resin bases.  The time and expense required to re-base them now isn’t viable, especially if I want to get my 30k marines painted properly before the end of 2020.  At the end of the day, it’s your hobby and you can base your models however you darn well like.  I know I have. 

Catch you all later,


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