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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gene Therapy - Leaving the Legion

When I first created this blog, it was designed to be a collection of articles that allowed me to share my progress across three game systems - Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k and Hordes (specifically Legion of Everblight).  Since that time, much has occurred and I no longer play games with my Legion of Everblight models my enthusiasm for the game has significantly waned to the point of non-relevance.  I held onto the minis though, not because I had any illusions of playing again, but because selling them off went against my hoarding mentality.  All things must change however and recently I felt it was time to move on from the game completely, allowing me to explore other avenues.  

Goodbye old legion of mine...
The issue that next presented itself was - who would buy my collection?  I had a significant number of warbeasts thanks to two starter sets (one of which was from the two-player starter set) and a couple of extra boxes / blisters.  Thankfully Mark from the currently inactive (but I live in hope for it's revival) Project Circle was willing to trade them for a Baneblade and a Basilisk, an offer I immediately seized upon since I was looking for a Super-Heavy for my Salamanders, and a third Basilisk would neatly round out one of my artillery squadrons.  With a handshake, my Legion were spirited away to a good home with Imperial Armour left in their stead.  This left me with a small quandary - without my Legion, could I consider my blog as being worthy of the Triple Helix designator?  The solution quickly presented itself with the sudden delivery of a mysterious package, the contents of which will make up another blog post entirely.  Needless to say, with the emergency of a new strand of 'gaming DNA' the Triple Helix project remained and my minor philosophical stumble was corrected.  

You know how it is, you get a new car and the
not five minutes out of the lot you ding it.
Stupid aerial...

These last few weeks have not just been about trading armies for Super-Heavies though.  It's also been about making my new Heresy project as large and intimidating as I possibly can.  Jumping on EBay, I stumbled across an auction that was selling a stupidly large amount of Heresy-Era Salamander models.  Apparently it was a project he had decided to discontinue.  Pouncing on this opportunity, I managed to secure enough components to easily create 40 Tactical Marines, 5 Pyroclasts and a 10-Man Veteran Tactical Squad, replete with Legion-specific upgrades (shoulder pads, armour upgrades etc) as well as a myriad of bolters, sufficient to arm them all.  I also picked up Vulkan because at this point, I'm thinking the Primarch might be a good idea.  All in all, I've managed to accumulate over 6000 pts worth of minis and with only five of them painted, it's past time I got to painting more of them.  So as not to become too overwhelmed, I've broken the project into smaller, more manageable chunks.  The first of these is comes to a paltry 1200 points and contains the following -
  • Legion Praetor
  • 20 Tactical Marines in MkIV Armour (5 are painted already)
  • 10 Tactical Support Marines in MkV gear
  • 3 Basilisks used to create a Legion Artillery Squadron
Mass resin Loot to act as a convenient distraction!!
With my recent sales and purchases, my bases table has fluctuated quite significantly of late.  By my calculations, my Legion army equated to 47 bases at the time of trade (heavy warbeasts were counted as 4 bases, and larger infantry as 2).  Assigning tanks such as Rhinos and Chimeras a value of 5 bases, it is logical then to assign the Baneblade a value of 15 bases (9 HP's = 3 Rhinos / Chimeras) leaving me with 27 bases spare.  Accounting for the EBay purchases, a further 65 bases should be subtracted from the surplus (55 bases for the Infantry and 10 for the Primarch), leaving me with an 5 base deficit.  Thankfully the damage isn't too bad and with steady progress on my painting list, should see it brought back to a positive value in short order.  Thankfully I have an air brush to assist me in this task...

Bases In: 195 (+85)

Bases Out: 8

Bases Sold: 182 (+47)

Total: -5 Bases

Catch you all later,


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