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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - So much Bush, so little time....

So it turned out that inspiration took a little longer to find me than I had originally expected.  Must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and gotten lost..... It's probably for the best though, because real life came in and imposed it's uncompromising will upon my hobby time, leaving me with precious little time for anything hobby-related.  Undaunted, I've done my best to capitalize on the little time I managed to squirrel away, making some progress on the hedges....

This is where we got to last time.  The hedges were glued down and base and I wasn't too sure how I wanted to go about bulking out the hedges to make them look more like hedges and less like scouring pads glued to pieces of foam core.

Take 1 bag of Woodland Scenics Conifer foliage 
Add generous amounts of Hob-e-Tac glue

Plus a tube or two of Superglue...
Turns out I'd originally purchased for my yet-to-be-realised forestry project also works a treat when you want hedges to look particularly epic.  Who'd-a thunk it?  Using a Hob-e-Tac and Superglue combo, I've done what I can to make sure that none of it comes off for a while.. if not ever.  Unfortunately I ran out of superglue during the making of the first hedge section (the process requires a surprising amount of the stuff) and only managed to get about 5/8ths of the hedge done before I needed to make a quick trip to the store come Monday which allowed me to get the rest of it done.

Two sections done....

Two down..... only 8 more to go!

Catch you all later,


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