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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Salamander Update - Another Deathwatch Vet

A small article for a small update.  Some of you may remember the Sternguard Veteran I began work on earlier this year.  Work unfortunately was halted however mere inches from the finish line after I discovered I was woefully short a Deathwatch Shoulder pad.  Ever the optimist, I decided to wait until I'd purchased another set before getting the miniature finished.  Fast forward a month or two and he'd still not been completed, nor had the conversion pack been purchased.  So I did what anyone else would have done in my position....


...I scavenged the necessary piece from another unsuspecting model. Verily this is the hobbyist's version of the old kidney-removal-in-a-tub-of-ice manoeuvre, with the model 'donating' the necessary piece suddenly waking up bereft an arm, leg, weapon, or in this case, a shoulder pad.  The removal went smoothly and the painting process just as effortless.  Now this veteran is fit to join his brethren on the tabletop, bringing death and fiery destruction with his combi-plasma.

Yay!!  Progress on my Resolution Tracker:

Miniatures Purchased: 40
Miniatures Painted: 20 (+1)
Points of Painted Salamanders: 30pts (+30)

Catch you all later,


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