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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - Rocky Roads and Terrain Deliciousness

Holy Crap on a cracker!!  Two consecutive weeks of terrain progress!?!?!?!?  I fear I may be turning into some sort of organised gamer / hobbyist, a thought which fills me with apprehension.  What if it's not content to remain safely constrained within the bounds of my terrain endeavours?  What's next?  Constant progress on army projects?  Fully painted armies?? Pray it is not so!  Thankfully these are early days yet, plenty of time to return to my procrastinating ways.  For right now though, I've got progress to report and I'm not afraid who knows it!!!  Truth be told, I'd like even more people to know I've got progress to report so please feel free to mention my blog to everyone you come across....

As mentioned in my last article, with all the hedges glued to bases, it was time to get the basing process completed.  I find the basing process so much more appealing than the initial building process was.  Chiefly this is due to the distinct absence of hot glue, effectively reducing my potential for sustaining 1st degree burns to extremities by approximately 95.3925163% (though this is just a rough calculation).  While it is true that PVA is the primary adhesive used in this process, I am convinced that my hot glue gun has gained some sort of malign sentience and is continuously plotting against me.  I remain unbowed however, and will continue to thwart the dastardly Hot Glue Gun's plans for world domination, regardless of the injuries I may sustain (you can all thank me later).

Custom basing material - An integral part of all 'shake n bake' techniques
So my basing process is fairly basic -

  1. Turn on TV
  2. Set out basing gear
  3. Apply the 'Shake and Bake' method using PVA and custom basing mix
  4. Get as much done before becoming distracted by said TV show / movie
  5. Discover and thwart Hot Glue Gun's latest plan for world domination.
  6. Relax and marvel at my terrain progress
  7. Write a blog article
The results of this 7-step progress can be seen below, definitely a good effort I think!  Made even more worthwhile purely by the fact that I was watching 300 at the time.  


Not sure as yet what the next stage will be, I'm as yet undecided if I'll bulk out the hedges before I do the snow or leave them as is.  No doubt inspiration will strike sometime between now and next week.

Catch you all later,


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