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Friday, June 7, 2013

WoC Update - Khorney One-Liners

So it turns out that I absolutely cannot walk away from a bargain. especially when that bargain is Warhammer related.  I found a pair of old Chaos Chariots going for cheap and I decided that I just HAD to have them.  Chariots in the new book are quite amazing as a core choice, so I've decided that I should try and include at least 3 in my list.

In addition to these, I also managed to secure a Valkia recast for stupidly cheap.  While not particularly a fan of recasts, this is one I won't get to use often so I'm not too worried.  For the most part, the cast is well done with crisp detail and very few air bubbles.  Unfortunately, the resin is very brittle which is an issue since there are numerous areas where the resin is very thin meaning breakages are pretty easy to come by if you're not careful.

My final purchase was an old metal Mordheim model by the name of Aenur - Sword of Twilight.  This is an epic model whose levels of bad-assery are off the chart (despite being an Elf).  While I've already got one in my collection, a second one won't go astray.

With these purchases, my painting requirements are quickly beginning to rise.  As with last year, I'm hoping to paint not only the purchased model, but another two besides.  This means that for every model bought, I'm painting a total of three miniatures which make this update interesting indeed....

Miniatures Purchased: 40
Miniatures Painted: 16

Now I'm off to paint some more models...

Catch you all later,


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