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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TerrainTuesday - Rage-quitting the House project

This week was challenging to say the least, at least from a hobby point of view.  Constant rain meant that the modelling paste didn't dry properly which led to all sorts of issues when I tried to add some additional texture.  Eventually I had a small melt-down which resulted in unpleasant consequences for my project.  I think the pictures below sum up the event nicely.

Thankfully after a couple of hours I was able to go back and make up another base for the little house.  Since then, progress has been good, with extra details being added to the roof and sides.  I was a little over-eager with the basing process however, getting the basing material glued down before I thought about building the steps.  No matter though, I can get them situated in no-time, plugging the gaps with modelling paste.

Little House:

Big House:

With progress being this advanced, painting is not far away.  Soon I'll need to begin considering potential paint schemes.  Any suggestions?

Catch you all later,


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