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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Terrain Update - Hab-Block Part 3

With the campaign in full swing, getting this Hab-block finished has become a bit of a priority of late.  Despite my need to flit between a collection of different projects, I've still managed to find time to add some extra details to both the building itself and the ruined interior.

As a means of hiding the joins between the sheets of foamcore, I've been using folded strips of card, positioning them so that it not only protects the vulnerable edges from damage, but also adds much needed 'heft' to the building itself, making it look reinforced enough to look as though the structure is sound.  This will act as the base for the next step of the building process.


Once the cardboard work was completed, the fortifications were set to be installed.  I've had a collection of sandbag fortifications in my collection for a while now and I've been dying to use them on something.  A quick application of hot glue and some evenly placed pressure and the rear of the structure was protected against enemy penetration.  Using some modelling paste, I filled in the gaps between the resin and foamcore, and took the opportunity to add some extra details in the process.

Finally, I was able to give the entire building a coat of a plaster, paint and PVA mix to give the building some texture as well as increase the durability of the terrain piece (hopefully).  All walls and intermediate floors got a coating of this, while the ground floor was left in preparation for the application of additional rubble, fortifications and basing.

Al that's really left to do now is the ground floor before I begin painting the piece in earnest, which is something I'm very keen to begin doing.

Catch you all later


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