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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Salamander Update - Sternguard

This week has been a relatively unpleasant one for me having contracted the flu from a gaming friend late last week (I will leave the topic of being 'Fit for Gaming' for another time).  As a result of this disease, I've been unable to make much progress towards getting any of my projects completed.  It's times like these that I'm thankful I'm not as punctual with my updates as I could be, otherwise I wouldn't have anything to show you today.

With my Deathwatch Marines making the transition to the Space Wolf Codex, I've taken this opportunity to begin developing a replacement unit for use in my army as 'Sternguard Veterans'.  What I've opted for is a unit made up entirely of Deathwatch veterans that have returned to their home Chapter to continue their service to the Emperor.  In accordance with their return, they repaint their armour Green, however the left arm remains silver as they continue to wear the Deathwatch shoulder-pad as an on going sign of their past service.

With the first fellow completed and the second one well on the way, I'm quite happy with the interaction between the green and the silver. The red weapon also creates a point of interest that will grab your attention while looking at the unit as a whole.  Below is a series of pics of the second WIP squad member.

Miniatures Painted: 35
Points of Painted Salamanders: 275 pts

Catch you all later


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