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Monday, July 23, 2012

Salamander Update - Captain Mir’San in da house!

Lightning Claws - Bringing awesome into 40K
Wolverine style!
So it turns out that I've finally gotten a chance to convert a Captain who is armed with a pair of Lightning Claws. Such a conversion has been a long time coming as I've always loved the imagery of a hulking champion of humanity laying waste to all before him as he literally tears his enemies to shreds. Thankfully, Codex: Space Marines allows me to do this with a Company Captain for a nifty 100 points.

Due to the severe lack of useful plastic Lightning Claws for marines in power armour, I’ve made do with a pair donated by an Assault Terminator. These were combined with a set of plastic Tactical Marine arms which were manipulated until I found a pose that I liked (and didn’t look overly goofy). Of all the arms that actually allowed this conversion to work, I didn’t expect it to be stock standard Tac Marine arms, I can assure you! The only downside I see when using the Terminator Lightning Claws is that they are a little larger and have a tendancy to look a little ‘giant-foam-fingerish’ even when they are done right.

Like with all my Character models, I fitted a Dark Elf Sea Dragon cloak to his back to represent a Salamander’s Mantle and rebuilt the sides using Green Stuff.  While I was at it, I sealed off the ends of the severed power-cables for the lightning claws so that it looks somewhat natural (at least as natural as an 8ft genetically enhanced super soldier can be), making sure this time that I was still able to fit the shoulder pads on the arms (I was NOT going to have a repeat of the Librarian debacle!).  Satisfied, I finished the modelling by adding the extra details such as purity seals, Iron Halo, grenades etc and he is now ready for undercoating.

As a bit of a cheating move, I’m going to use the pictures above as my WIP photos for this entry. Since I intend to paint him anyway, there’s no point wasting the opportunity for more photos. The Forgeworld pauldron has been cleaned using the accepted method of warm soapy water and a toothbrush. All in all, this model screams ‘Salamander’ which, in my mind, means a job well done.

Catch you later