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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Deathwatch Update - Of Grey Hunters and Wolf Guard

Recently (and by recently I mean over the past few weeks) I've been working hard to make progress on a number of hobby projects I've currently got on the go.  Amidst all the chaos of terrain projects, fantasy armies and my newly revived Salamanders, steady progress has been made on my Deathwatch.

While I'm yet to decide just how I want to build the army, the models are proving too irresistible and I've succumbed to their siren song.  As a result, I've managed to complete another Marine armed with a bolter and close combat weapon.   Hailing from a custom chapter that was created by a friend of mine (the name of said chapter currently eludes me like the winning numbers of a lottery draw), he has been chosen to don the black and has done so without a second thought.  Completed, he joins the ranks of my budding force (which shouldn't grow to anything over 1500 points - a perfect size for an allied faction for the new edition).  With a full unit of 5 now completed, I'm thinking it's time to add a bit of punch to the force in the form of a special weapon (or two).  

With this fellow painted, I'm going to move back to the Salamander Veteran I've been working on in the hopes of getting his paint job done in short order.  While he's not yet complete, I've included a teaser pic of his shoulder pad below.

Catch you all later


Miniatures Painted: 33

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