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Friday, April 6, 2012

Mordheim Update: The Hunters become the Hunted

Over the course of many games of Mordheim, I’ve come to learn a couple of things – Never send a guy into a fight alone and shooting gives you a distinct advantage.  While I can’t really utilise my hobby skills to address the first point, I can for the second.  My Norsemen have a group of Henchmen known as Hunters which can be armed with a wide assortment of missile weapons from throwing axes to bows.  In my current warband, I sport three of the fellows, all of which are armed with bow, spear and shield, a fine defensive combination when facing off against the horrors that inhabit the shadows of Mordheim.  Due to their experience garnered in battle, they've received a BS increase as well as an extra attack, making them BS4 with 2 attacks a piece.  Armed with a Spear they gain Always Strikes First (ASF) in the first round of combat, meaning that if I can get a couple of them in combat with a single model, it’s more than likely going to die, or at least hit the ground relatively hard. 

At this stage, the other two hunters are in painted to various stages of completion and I’m hoping to have the two of them done in the near future.  Once they are done, I intend to start work on a new Jarl to lead the army, one made entirely of plastic components scavenged from various kits while hopefully utilising a new green stuffing process Mark from Project Circle brought to my attention.  It’s a process used by Miniature Tim and when done correctly, looks positively ace. 

Catch you all later



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    1. Thanks mate. Gotta be honest, you're the inspiration for a lot of the work I'm doing here. You've been championing the Mordheim cause for a good while now and you deserve to be recognised for that :)