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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Legion of Everblight Update – Shredder the Third!

As a strange turn of events, I’ve been painting my Legion models whenever I’m lacking the motivation to paint anything else.  It turns out that these little spurts of activity have paid off once again with the completion of my third Shredder model.  Like the second one, I wasn’t really paying attention to how the model was progressing and once again I was somewhat surprised to see him finished (I forgot to do the base and marker on the second one it seems.  Oh well).  I happily finished off the base with some clump foliage, an ID symbol and a frontal arc before sealing the light warbeast with a coat of Estapol.   

This brings my total number of painted Legion models to 3 – all of them Shredders.  There’s only one more left before I mode onto another miniature (as you can see by the WIP pic below, he's well on his way to being done!), though I’m yet to decide on what that mini will be.  Best not get ahead of myself though, I’ve barely managed to paint half the models that come in the Legion’s starter box (and they’ve all been the smaller models).

Catch you all later



  1. I love the contrast of the blue skin and purple horns. Very nice shading on the skin there.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. Took me ages to settle on a paint scheme in the beginning. Chose this one on a gamble and it seems to have paid off so far. Hopes it looks as good on the bigger critters...