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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mordheim Update – Hunters are done!

After a burst of motivation last weekend, I managed to make great strides in getting chunks of my Mordheim Warband Painted.  I’m very happy to say that all my hunters have now been painted and the bases done save for the snow flocking.    These guys have been a blast to paint and they’re always fun to run in my games as well.  I’m hoping that as a group they’ll continue getting stronger, gaining extra skills along the way.  My Norse Warband could use a 6th Hero and I’m secretly hoping it’s going to be one of my Hunters that get the spot. 

With the hunters done, I’ll move on to working on my Youngblood / Bondsman armed with Double-handed weapon.  While he is yet to prove himself remotely useful in any of my games, his continued survival will mean I have a Hero that can be groomed for taking over the warband, should my Jarl or Mercenary Captain fall in battle. 

Catch you all later



  1. Awesome now you have a reason to make bird noises

  2. Lol that's very true :). I'll have to start doing my research so I can make the noises suitably convincing.

  3. Oh yeah, thanks for following my blog.

  4. Thanks for the compliment and the follow as well. You're work is giving me all sorts of ideas for my Salamanders!