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Thursday, March 15, 2012

WoC Update – Musical Marauders

Aside from all the extra topic-specific painting projects I’ve been working on, I recently was able to dedicate some time to painting more models for my Warriors of Chaos Army.  After the success of my Standard Bearer for my Chosen Army, I decided to spend some time working on another member of their Command Group.  Like all of my Chosen, I’ve used a combination of Gold and Silver on the armour, with a blue to emphasise the Daemonic nature of the chest plate.  The only issue I have with the model is that the horn is stupidly large when not off-set by the presence of an even larger horse.  I used the bare head from the Chaos Warrior kit for something different and I’m really happy about how the face came out. 

The second model I've finished working on is yet another Marauder.  At my last count, this means I only have another 3 Marauders to go before I can begin do the unit filler to complete the unit (and not a moment too soon I can tell you!).  At this stage, I’m becoming more and more inclined to skip details or highlights just so I can get the buggers done and since I’m using the washes, the final outcome isn’t suffering too badly which is good. 

While I’m still working on several painting projects at the moment, I’m also dedicating some time to putting snow on the bases of some of my finished models.  The process is a little drawn out, but the finished product is more than worth it.

Catch you all later



  1. You should just use your Mordheim stuff as unit fillers

  2. It's a good idea Travis, one that I'll certainly be looking into doing in the future. The Marauders already have a unit filler built for them, all I need to do is get around to actually painting it :-s