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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Return to the City of the Damned – Possessed Norse Style!

There has been talk amongst many of the members of Kingaroy Wargamers about the possibility of running a Mordheim campaign now that my Norsca in Flames campaign has concluded.  Thus far, I have to say that my overall experience of playing has been quite positive, with both my Possessed Warband and my Norse providing me with not only fun games, but exciting conversions as well.  The good thing is, that with the vast number of warbands that are available, it is almost assured that everyone’s force will be different which is a very exciting prospect.

At this stage, I’d like to build two different warbands – The Possessed and the Norse.  The Possessed are mutated warriors who worship the Chaos Gods and who are determined to bring death and destruction to all who cross their path.  Led by a sorcerer, they sport all sorts of mutations that allow for a great deal of customisation and unusual weapon options.  I’m hoping to post pictures of my WIP Possessed Warband in the near future. 

The Norse is a warband of mighty warriors hailing from the frozen North, who also worship the Chaos Pantheon, but are untouched by their influence (for the most part). These are your typical Viking raiders, replete with wild, bushy hair and warpaint aplenty.  Of the two, this is the simplest warband to create for me, requiring nothing but a box of Marauders and a box of Chaos Hounds to make a complete army.  Seeing that I have about 70-odd marauders in my bits box and another box or two on my shelf, I think I’m set. 

Currently I’m participating on two different Mordheim campaigns, both of which have me using my Norse warriors to great effect.  It’s good to change things up every now and then and by playing Mordheim, I’m able to move away from the large-scale engagements that are usually associated with playing Warhammer Fantasy or 40K and focus on a small number of miniatures, providing countless opportunities for conversions etc that will make these guys unique.  As can be seen above, using minis from my Chaos Army, I’ve been able use painted miniatures for my Jarl and both Berzerkers.  My Wulfen is the latest painting addition, having been converted from a beastman using a multitude of components and a small amount of green stuff. 

Before I go, here is my current WIP project for my Norse Warband – one of my Hunters.  Armed with Spear, Shield and Bow, these guys are a fun defensive line, peppering my enemies with (mostly ineffectual) bowfire before stabbing them with a very large pointed stick.  My warband currently has two of these fellows and both have proven themselves to me, managing to kill two beastmen with a single arrow and turning two separate Beastmen heroes into shish-kebab all in the same game (not to mention in consecutive turns).  Now if only I can get both of them to graduate to hero status...

Catch you all later


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