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Monday, January 23, 2012

WoC Update: Completed Chaos Lord

It seems that my hobbying side has received a shot in the arm lately in regards to my desire to paint.  With both my Warhammer Armies (40K and Fantasy alike) receiving several new miniatures in relatively short order.  Once again my Warriors of Chaos will receive a new figure in the form of a Chaos Lord armed with two hand-weapons.

The model used the previous Exalted Champion of Khorne mini and with a small hand and head swap to match the rest of my army.  A good deal of time was also spent filing off all the Khorne Icons so that I could make him generic enough to pass muster as one of the favoured of Tzeentch.  All in all I think the model has come out really well all things considered, though it may be time for me to focus again on getting rank-and-file models painted.  The Norsca in Flames Campaign will be resuming in three weeks and I’d like to have bolstered the ranks of my army with some extra models by then. 

But that’s in three weeks, right now, my current WIP project is some terrain that I started last weekend.  These tank traps were purchased from Amera Plastic Mouldings and are a blast to paint.  Hopefully I’ll have some extra pieces to bolster my collection of 40K terrain very shortly. 

Catch you all later.



  1. Thanks mate. Now if only I can get the rest of my unpainted mini's done, I'd be a very happy guy....