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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Salamander Update: The purging Flame

Used from 40K Wikia without permission

After an almost 3 year hiatus from the Tournament scene, my Salamanders will once again take to the ‘competitive’ field of battle for the glory of the Emperor and their Chapter in a 1000 point 1-day event run by Mark – author of the Project Circle blog

Preparation for this Tourney has seen my Marines receive some much-needed attention at my painting desk, in an attempt to field an army that is at least completely base-coated.   My Vindicator was the first of many models to receive some much-needed attention.  A relic from several editions previous, I had completed the majority of the painting for a tournament held about 3 years back.  Now that the gunner and other miscellaneous details are painted, I can safely say that this fellow is finally complete.

 The Librarian was the next model to receive my attentions.  Having relied on a Deathwatch Librarian for the last couple of years, I felt it was high time I actually made one for my Salamanders using the Sanguinary Guard Box.  As can be seen below, the conversion went very well, providing me with a model that is filled with dynamic movement and a great deal of character. 

 Finally, I’ve been working on getting two new Long Fangs painted (both with Heavy Bolters), as well as getting the plastic Assault cannon Dreadnought arm built and undercoated.  As per my WIP challenge, I hope to have these models completed by the end of the week, if not by the end of the month. 

 I hope to write up a tournament report Sunday afternoon, though that may be delayed until late Monday / Tuesday depending on how I’m going for time. 

Catch you all later


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