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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Minor Characters – Like a push-up bra for Fluff

So it turns out, when it comes to writing fluff, your main character never really stands alone – eventually you feel the need to develop back stories for other personalities that make up your army.  When you think about it, Batman has Robin, Robin Hood has his merry men, and King Leonidas has his valiant 300.  I’ve always felt that while it is all too easy to write your character to be the greatest thing since practical dentistry, your background becomes more believable when it’s not just one man kicking ass on his own.  Hell even Bruce Willis had help in Die Hard (perhaps not much but he had some damnit!).  In the case of army fluff, these characters may be lieutenants, friends or even a disapproving uncle who is just one puff of wierdroot away from complete and utter crazy.  It doesn’t matter who they are, but just by being included in the story they immediately provide depth to the main character.  To that end, I’ve provided bio’s for some of my minor characters below.  Also, I’ve included a sneak peek of some of the items I’m working for my next hobby article at the end.  Let me know what you think. 

Romulus Ironwolf – A Chaos Lord in his own right, Romulus has rules over the Wulfkin Tribe for almost a decade.  During each year under his reign, the tribe has grown in wealth and status, overtaking a number of neighbouring tribes in the process. When the call to war came, Romulus assembled all of his mightiest warriors and marched south towards the lush lands of the Empire, intent on returning with much wealth and even more verses to his already considerable saga. 

Rojak the Wyrdling – The Shaman of the Wulfkin tribe, Rojak’s unwavering dedication to Tzeentch has earned him considerable power from his mighty patron.  Commanding a host of spells, Rojak is also gifted with an exceptionally talented wych-sight, allowing him to pluck spells of out the minds of enemy wizards and using their own spells to destroy them.

Rameus Ironfang – Romulus’s second in command, Rameus marches to war holding aloft the banner of the Wulfkin tribe.  One of the favoured of Tzeentch, Rameus was gifted with a daemonic weapon that constantly thirsts for blood.  During battle, the daemon stirs within the weapon and begins to croon seductively, slowing the reactions of the foe and allowing the weapon to drink deeply of their life-giving wine.

Iagen Wulfbrother – A follower of Tzeentch and one of Romulus’s trusted Lieutenants.  Countless warriors have quailed at the implaccable march of Iagen and his Chosen bretheren whose magical bronze armour is capable of even turning aside cannon shot.  Accompanying Iagen into battle is a pair of black-maned mountain wolves that are native to the Wulkin Tribes mountainous homeland.  These differ to the vicious, black-furred wolves that accompany Borrick Gorefist.

Borrick Gorefist – A Champion of Khorne, he and his Favoured of the Bloodgrim Tribe encountered Romulus shortly after his rise to power.  After being defeated by Romulus in a challenge for leadership, the followers of the Blood God were assimilated into his army, continuing their march of conquest, pillaging and taking skulls at every opportunity.  After a disastrous encounter with undead during the march south, Borrick has ensured that the haft of his warriors’ weapons are tipped with a silver stake to ensure that any vampire that goes down, stays down.

Tcholl Firefist – The leader of the Bloodgrim’s marauder tribesmen.  While the Tribesmen are not as gifted as Borrick’s Favoured, their large numbers and their vicious flails make short work of any enemies they encounter.

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