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Monday, February 28, 2011

Thunder Wolves are go!!

These last couple of days have been a little mediocre on the painting front, with only a couple of warriors having their shields painted and their bases finished.  On the upside however, I've been doing some work on the Warshrine, finishing the prep work so that re-basing and filling can begin.  In the pictures that I posted last week, I did not include the back banner that was jutting out of the spine of the giant.  Since then I've magnetised the banner so that it can be removed and attached as the need arises.  Once more progress has been made, I'll be sure to upload some pics.  

Today I received a package from the good people of Paulson Games: I'd ordered one of their resin wolves that have been marketed as one of the many conversion kits for Thunder Wolf Cav, in hopes that I may be able to use them as mounts for my Chaos Knights.  While mounting the armoured warriors will require some green stuff work, mounting my Chaos Sorcerer, however will not be as great a challenge.  The pics below give you some idea of just how good this mini looks.  I'm hoping that I can make this unit work, because it would be a crime to ruin such impressive sculpting.


I'm working on ideas to make the wolves a little more armoured, so I'm keen to hear your thoughts.  

Catch you all later 


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