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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chaos Warriors Assemble!

Hey there everyone, we're another week closer to the Ides of March Tournament and I have to say that the army preparation for this event is going relatively well.  While not much painting has been completed this week, I've been busily assembling the second half of the Tzeentch warrior unit and one of my units of Khorne Warriors with two hand weapons.  Sunday and Monday consisted of plenty of green-stuff work as I began rebuilding the top of the legs, creating the seat of their pants and adding a much wider belt to fit said pants.  I've included a couple of WIP pics below showing the various stages of construction.

On top of that, to provide a slight distraction I decided to build a model for the new DnD character that I am running with my local RP group.  In keeping with my 'I like to beat things with my really big weapon' theme, I've attempted to design a Ronin-type model armed with a big-as blade.  Nothing says 'fear me' like a giant blade being swung at high speeds towards the face of your enemy.  Have a look and see what you think.  C&C is always welcome.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Catch you later


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