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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enter Thruug the Geriatric!

Right, so with 26 days left until Ides and I’ve almost completed assembling all the infantry my list requires.  In the last three weeks, I’ve sculpted no less than 25 butts for Chaos warriors and have been madly assembling and positioning warriors in new and funky ways that allow them all to rank up and play nicely together.  This process has however, prompted me to begin thinking about adding ‘easter eggs’ inside units throughout the army - miniature unit-fillers if you will. 

For example – In the fluff that I’ve developed for my army, the Khorne Warriors have a particular distaste for Undead due to a previous battle with Vampire Counts where a Vampiress just wouldn’t stay down.  While I’ve made sure to attach silver stakes to the bottom of all my Warriors weapons to draw attention to that thematic twist, having a number of my warriors using their weapons to smash to pieces skeletal minions would go that extra step in cementing the theme.  That being said, in my fluff, I’ve also based the army in the northern reaches of the Empire, burning, killing and pillaging their way back to their homeland in Norsca.  Perhaps a more suitable theme would be to have the warriors travelling back with slaves and treasure.  I shall think more on it and make a decision in the near future.  I’d also appreciate your thoughts on the subject and would welcome any ideas you may have. 

Well, onto the pictures.  I’ve completed assembling the first unit of 12 Warriors with two hand weapons, complete with wolves and unit filler.  The second unit of 12 is well on its way to being completed, with only a few models left to build.  As both units of 12 will be combined into a large unit of 24 in bigger games, I’ve decided not to model a second musician and standard bearer even though they are in my army list.  Instead I’ll be using models from my previous army to fill those roles, which both saves time and modelling materials (I’m running very low on Chaos Warrior bodies and resin bases at the moment).  The Chaos battalion box gives you a unit of 12 and currently this army is using 10, but I think I’ll need the other 2 for my Warshrine.  Below I’ve included WIP pictures of both units of Khorne Warriors and a group shot of all my warriors together. 

Also, I’ve included a shot of my new Warshrine model that I was fortunate enough to get from a mate of mine.  It’s an amazing model, one that I will enjoy painting immensely.  As a bonus, it can also double as a giant in need be J.  

Well, that's all for tonight, as always, feel free to provide and C&C.  I've organised a practice game against some VC's this Sunday so we'll be able to see how well the shrine goes :-).

Catch you all next week


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