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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Batman Update - On the Case (Pt 2)

Continuing our look into alternative storage options for your BMG miniatures, we look at what happens when your collection gets so large that it can no longer be contained within the books.  When you reach this point, it is an entirely legitimate tactic to go out and buy yourself a dedicated case from a specific bag making company (personally I'd recommend either Battlefoam or KR Multicase if you're going to go down that route), or you can be daring and utilise those skills you initially developed while working on the book case (punny I know...) to take your storage potential to the next level.

Fully aware of my own compulsions as a collector, I choose a case that would provide me with significantly increased storage opportunities, while also allowing me to include the contents of the Iron Man box for maximum convenience (while also counteracting my propensity to forget essentials such as dice and tape measure).   Truth be told, this idea was blatantly pinched off one of my gaming buddies that rolled up at my place one games night with one of these trunks under his arm.  So inspired, I decided to create one for myself.

When fully constructed, the case will sport a full three layers of foam and room at the top of fit the rulebooks and other gaming paraphernalia (such as character cards).  As I'd hoped, this chest will the most comprehensive option for storing my growing collection of BMG minis. With only two of the three layers cut and glued, I already have enough space to two complete crews, all my free agents and generic henchmen I have as well as specific storage areas for objectives and gaming gear as well.  Once the final later has been cut, I'll be able to single-handedly run an entire 350 rep game with a choice of three different crews while also providing everything both players need to play a game of BMG inside a single trunk (terrain excepted of course).  Never in my life had I ever contemplated having such  a comprehensive set-up like this.  Now if only I could remember to pack it when I travel for games...

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