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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Batman Update - On the Case (Pt 1)

Hey all!  After spending quite a bit of time focussing on RL stuff, I’ve finally gotten some time to sit down and compose my thoughts regarding some of the progress I’ve made on one of my (many) BMG projects I have currently going on.  Of the many irons I have in the fire, the first one I wanted to cover was my attempts at creating viable alternatives for storing and transporting BMG miniatures.  

Found these aty the local cheapie store last week.  While not something I haven't seen before, this time I saw it in a different light (it was mid morning instead of an early afternoon), visualising what it could do if it was fitted with foam and designed to carry minis.  While not able to carry armies, it would be good enough to house an expanded gang of hoodlums that are determined to burn Gotham to the ground.  To that end, I bought some foam, measured it up and began cutting.

While not the prettiest product, this first container allowed me to product a 'proof-of-concept' prototype that I could move forward with.  Grabbing some more foam and a larger box, I began to make a second, more effective case....

At 2.5 inches high, there is sufficient space inside the box to store the models in a standing position, increasing the number of minis that can be stored dramatically.  Sadly I fear that the larger minis (I'm looking at you Titan Joker...) will be forced to lie down, however that seems to be a minor quibble at this stage.  At this rate, I anticipate having a box for each of my gangs which is an exciting prospect indeed.

Catch you all later,


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