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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Batman Update: The Masked Man

There are few villains that have inspired me more-so than Bane.  It seems that the more I learn about him, the more I am inspired by him hobby-wise.  When I initially ordered by League of Shadows game, the Tom Hardy Bane was my immediate next purchase before also settling on ordering Talia to complete the happy family.  Without a doubt, Bane was my favourite villain our of the Christopher Nolan series and having the opportunity to field him in game is an absolute treat.

Possibly one of the easiest models I've ever had to build from the KM line, he's perfectly 2D - that is assembling this mini is just a matter of gluing him to-dee base....

Once assembled however, we are free to begin the basing process.  As his base was blank, I've used a small amount of modelling paste to create a flat surface of pavement for him to stand on.  Once the basing process was completed, it was time to begin work on actually painting the guy.

Previously my blogging included very sporadic numbers of WIP pictures because I'm rubbish at remembering to take pics at the best of times.  I'm very glad to say that... nothing has changed. I've managed to seamlessly avoid taking a bunch of WIP pics as this project rumbled along, which is probably a good thing right? I mean who really wants to see these sorts of progress pictures... *sigh*.  The important thing however is that he's now complete and can join the ranks of the League of Shadows.  Personally, I'm going to enjoy seeing what he can do on the table top.  Can he bring about the Knightfall?

Catch you all later,


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