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Friday, September 4, 2015

Batman Update: Crikey!! Killer Croc Emerges

Pic done by the very talented grimbro over at Deviantart.  

The other week I found an offer on one of the various Facebook Buy / Swap / Sell groups that specialise in Batman Minis.  Specifically it was for Killer Croc who was NIB.  Eager to see how the big lug would go in my band, I went over to Bat-Builder to see if they had any articles specifically related to his use in game.  Lo and behold, the good people over at Critskillpeople have done just that.  After completing the article I promptly inquired about the model.  A few messages later, Killer Croc was in the mail, hurtling towards by location at the speed of a starving croc descending on some unsuspecting prey at a watering hole (or at least as fast as Auspost could manage).  Upon arrival I was greeted with the wonderful sight of a vastly oversized blister pack containing the reptilian thug nestled safely inside.

Upon opening the blister pack, the first thing I noticed was just how big this bugger was.  Without a doubt, he's one of the biggest metal minis I've had to build in my gaming career, including my stint with Warmahordes.  He comes in only 5 pieces though, which made assembly a dream.  A bit of filing and scraping to clean off some mould lines and the rest was a cruise.  Possibly the most painful part of the assembly was actually nothing to with the model, but was the base itself.  Those terracotta tiles are a bugger to get into place.

Catch you all later,


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