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Friday, March 8, 2013

WoC Update - Warriors, Slaves and Marauders

Last week as I posted my last painting update I thought I'd be happy to get even one guy finished and a second one well on the way to being done.  This was not to be however, due to the unforeseeable and shocking event that I shall now relate...

I actually got four miniatures painted!  In a stellar display of quasi-conscious painting ability, I managed to get all four models done while watching season 9 of Bleach as well as a smattering of movies to break them up.  Of the models completed, three will find themselves used in my up and coming unit of Nurgle Warriors with Halberds while the forth will be added to my Mordheim collection, playing the role of henchman / hero as the need arises.


Capitalising on the progress I've made this week, I'm aiming high, with another three warriors now sitting on my painting desk.  Let's see what I can make of these....

Before I go though, lets have a look at the updated progress tracker:

Miniatures Purchased: 21
Miniatures Painted: 5
Points of Painted Warriors: 90 pts
Mordheim Warband Members: 1

Catch you all later,


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