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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TerrainTuesday - It's the little details that count...

This week has seen the house gain the last couple of details needed before the painting process begins in earnest.  The base has already gotten a head-start during the texturing process as you can see below -

I've used a mix of paint and pollyfilla to give the foam some texture before coating it all in a dark grey to ensure it all sealed properly.  I even remembered to add stairs at this junction... after the texturing but thankfully before the painting.

Now it was time for the details.  No building within the Warhammer World is ever pristine and / or straight.  Don't ask me why that is, all I know is that it is a fundamental law within their universe... like gravity.  Or taxes.   So in the spirit of making this building fit, I began the weathering process, taking small nicks and chips off the edges of the supports and pretty much everything else I could reach with a knife blade.  I also added wooden plank texture to the walls of the building by scoring the walls as well as window details and a door know.  Ever door should have a knob after all...

With all the construction now completed, painting is the next item on the agenda, which is very exciting indeed!

Catch you all later,


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