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Thursday, September 27, 2012

WoC Update - Parade of the Dead

In addition to assembling copious amounts of models, I've also started painting my unit of Nurgle Warriors armed with Halberds (in pleasant, fluff-friendly batches of 3).  As I've mentioned in previous articles, I wanted to alter the standard paint scheme for these guys to reflect their 'Nurglesque' culture.

While I've always liked the idea of Nurgle, I've never been much of a fan of GW's 'wet and bloated' look.

This is not the Zombie you're looking for....
Instead, I decided I wanted to go for a 'dry and dissecated' look instead; allowing me to use the same style of miniature for my warriors without the need to drastically alter them any more than I already had.

He's no good for eatin' I mean look at him, he aint nothin but
skin and gristle....

Using the painting guide for the Mortis Engine provided in White Dwarf 385 (January 2012), I used the recipe for the banshee skins as a basis for my own colour scheme.  I say basis for the scheme because the colour mixes provided in the Painting Workshop resulted in a base-colour that is vastly darker and much pinker than shown in the pictures.  Regardless, I persevered with my newly created colour and have produced a skin-tone that possesses a suitable 'dried-up-corpse' hue.  The only issue is that any mistakes that occur while painting the areas around the skin forces me to repaint the entire section.  A little time-consuming to be sure, but the end result is more than worth it in my opinion.

The bronze is painted using my standard process, but with extra layers of blue and green washes are applied to give it a more grimy look.  I did consider going for the verdigris look, but decided against it due to the time requirement and unwillingness to sacrifice models for purposes of experimentation.  As it is, I'm happy with the results I have obtained and will continue using the process in the future.  Their weapons have been kept relatively clean as I felt that despite their lack of care they give their armour, their weapons are a key part of their identity and as such are diligently maintained.

With 2 warriors fully completed so far and a third one well on the way, I'll be changing things up a little by moving to one of the mini unit-fillers as a little reward.  With these two done, my progress stats look like this:

Miniatures Purchased: 8
Miniatures Painted: 38
Points of Painted Warriors: 272pts

Catch you later



  1. I've always been a fan of the dried up look for nurgle also. My demon prince on my blog title is built that way. I can send some pics if you are interested.

    1. Hey PapaSpanky! Would definitely enjoy seeing your work :-)