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Thursday, September 20, 2012

WoC Update - Hellcannons and Heroes

It seems that so much has happened over the past few weeks that a catch-up post was required to bring everyone up to speed to just how far behind I am on my army project.  While I'm not smashing out amazing armies in a week like @elfordminis over at Elfordminis the progress I'm making is noticeable and that's enough for me.  That said, I encourage you all to check out the site above and see the amazing work he's putting out.  Definitely a positive force for our global wargaming community.

So I finally caved and decided to put a Hellcannon in my list.  While I've had one in my collection ever since I can remember, I've put off assembling it due to it's size and distinct lack of assembly instructions.  A couple of weeks back, Travis from Project Circle offered to assemble it for me to which I eagerly accepted.  Travis is very talented when it comes to assembling 'difficult' miniatures so if anyone was capable of building it successfully, it was him.  As can be seen in the pictures above and below, he has done an amazing job with it. The removable crew who fit into slots cut into the Hellcannon's base is particularly inspired and just one of the many aspects of the model that I really enjoy.

The other model I finally got around to assembling was a warrior from the Banelords range going by the name of Ulric the Defiler. Like Maagaan, the previous miniature I purchased from Maelstrom Games earlier this year, this walking mountain will be leading a portion of my Chaos Army, though in this case, Ulric will be commanding my Nurgle contingent for the foreseeable future as opposed to my entire Tzeentch Army; a prospect I find most pleasing.

Finally I have been fortunate enough to win a competition run by a newly established company that goes by the name of Avalon Painting (@avalon_painting on twitter), resulting in me receiving a substantial credit towards a painting commission of my choice.  Considering the impressive nature of the mini's I've decided to continue the previously established trend (if two purchases can be considered a trend that is) and go with Ornung the Bone Orc Shaman.  The prize will allow me to have this impressive miniature painted to their 'showcase' standard, which will no doubt result in an already superb miniature becoming even more epic once the commission has been completed.  I have to be honest here and say that I'm greatly looking forward to seeing how hew comes out in the end, and will be posting an article here as soon as he makes it home to me in Australia.

Catch you all later,


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