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Friday, November 18, 2011

WoC Update: Exalted Champion WIP

So it turns out that it's been a good while since my last post - real life has intervened in the form of a much-needed coastal holiday with my long-term girlfriend.  Now, with my body and mind relaxed and a couple of days to myself, this is the perfect opportunity to get some extra painting done.

With this campaign quickly picking up momentum, it's high time for me to dedicate some time to painting the Lords and Heroes that will be leading my Chaos Army to victory.  After painting so much core infantry, finding time to paint a character model will be a real treat for me.  The miniature I’m working on is the previous generation Exalted Champion of Khorne armed with two hand weapons.  As he is going to be used with a Mark of Tzeentch though, all those spankingly large Khorne symbol worked into the armour were going to have to disappear.  After some extensive sanding, filing as well as a minor hand weapon swap, the little blighter was ready for painting. 

The arm, pauldron and neck area have taken me longer to complete than I’d originally expected, though the delay isn't unpleasant.  It’s been a long while since I’ve had the opportunity to do multi-level highlights and gradual colour shadings and I’m enjoying the challenge.  Now that these areas are completed, I’ve begun working on the helmet which has just has the first layer of Devlan Mud applied.  I’ll continue posting updates as areas are completed.  

Catch you all later,


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