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Monday, November 28, 2011

Campaign Update: Palisade Fort WIP Pt 1

So as it turns out, the swift and utter destruction of young Geordie’s Capital city in the opening season of the campaign has highlighted a significant flaw in my planning for this campaign.  While he fought well enough, ultimately his lack of actual defensive structures was a problem as both invading armies (yes, two) were able to engulf the minute township in a crushing pincer tactic; Not exactly thematic if you ask me... 

To that end, I've decided it is high time I began building the fortifications necessary to ensure that anyone attempting to take a capital has a hell of a time doing it.  The first lot of fortifications off the rank is a wooden Palisade based on the distinctive Rohan design from Lord of the Rings. 

Thus far the bases of each wall have been completed and I've completed the palisade and walkway for the first wall section.  At approximately 5.5 inches tall, these walls will prove to be a problem for all manner of infantry (hopefully even Ogres).

Once both wall sections have been completed, I’ll be moving onto the Gatehouse and some extra towers to ensure that the defender has everything they need to hold their own against the enemy.

Catch you all later 


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