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Monday, April 4, 2011

Page 5 - A way to bring the pain or a means to be a douche?

As a small departure from my normal updates, I thought I’d take a little time to talk about something that’s been bugging me recently.  As a forewarning, these rants may come up from time to time and will be labelled hence forth as Trev’s Tirades.  Such an article will pretty much contain my frustrated thoughts on a particular aspect of the hobby, whether it is the models that are on sale, the insane pricing of GW or just an experience that’s come up.  So sit back, relax, and get ready to read about what really grinds my gears. 

 Recently a few new faces have appeared at my gaming sessions which, when looked at as a singularity is a good thing.  More people to game with and game against are always a good sthing; however, it has become blatantly apprarant to me that their attitude towards the game seems to coinicde with the general description for “that guy” at tournaments.  Everyone knows who “that guy” is at a tournament.  Here’s the guy who nobody wants to face during the tournament and even when there’s 120 players attending the event, everyone quickly learns who they are – usually by the second round.  They are the guy who whinges and whines about every little ruling, who argue with you until you give in and they get their way.  They are the ones that in a team game, will happily sacrifice their allies faction to ensure that their own is protected from harm (and then rub it in their faces).  He’s the pseudo rules-lawyer and the guy who thinks he knows everything about anything when in actual fact, he knows nothing about a majority of things.  For the sake of clarity, I’ll give you an example:

Currently in our role-playing group, we have a situation where a majority of our players have decided to play pointy-eared girly elves.  Now of those playing elves, a couple of the guys decide they’re going to play pretty seriously and adopt the whole “I’m-an-elf-and-you’re-not-so-you’re-not-worth-my-time” crap to not only the NPC’s that they come across but also the non-elf players too.  At the start, everyone seems to be cool with that.  For a lot of us, we play purely so we can have a bit of fun, we’re not really into the whole ‘roleplaying’ thing (and by ‘roleplaying thing’ I mean, lets put on pointy ears, funny hats and really immerse ourselves in the game itself with voice acting etc).  So when these guys choose that course of action I’m OK with that, because I feel that having different playing styles are important for a group as it provides diversity and increases the fun.  However, when these players decide that this is an excuse to act like a dick and be condescending to everyone else in the group, arguing with the DM about rulings and holding back party loot and other key items/ plans, it gets really old, really quickly.  Eventually such behaviour stops being “I’m in character” and starts being “I’m just using this as an excuse to be a fuck-wit.”

Hey dude, it’s a GAME that people play to have FUN OK!?!?  Just because you are encouraged to play competitively does not give you the right to act like a jack-ass, screwing over everyone else just so you can feel good about playing a pointy-eared girly-man elf in a make-believe world.  Fucking with your team-mates does not make you cool – it makes you a douche and if that’s the way you’re going to play, then do it somewhere else, far away from the rest of us. 

This is Trev and this is my Tirade. 

Catch you all later.  

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