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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Blade has been drawn – Tournament in the Roy!!

Hey there everyone, as part of this week’s hobby progress, I’ve begun preparing for the big fantasy tournament that happens each year here in the area – Tricksters Blade.  After the success of last year’s efforts, our local Tournament Guru Mark has announced that Tricksters will be held in mid July. 

With my dropping out of Ides on March, I have decided that this is my chance to redeem myself and get my army back on track.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I seriously picked up a paint brush in anger and it’s about time I did so again.  While minor annoyances such as Warmachine / Hordes, my shiny new Wii (Wii + House of the Dead = Zombie-killing awesomeness) and life in general may get in my way (make me give up valuable painting time to earn a living will you work!?!  Curse you to hell!), distracting me from the true path of Warhammer greatness, I will make it my mission over these next few weeks to once again get back into the ergonomically sound, cushioned painting chair and one again make some headway towards having a fully painted army.  At this point, it’s safe to say that I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to miniatures to paint - I have so many of them that need it.  That said, I feel the best way to get the army ready to go is to build an army list and paint to it.  By doing so, I can focus my energies on getting the units that are necessary for my army to work out of the way, ensuring they are completed (or at least presentable) come the tournament.  Truth be told, considering the state of repair my Warshrine is in (and my total lack of Chosen), I’ll settle for assembled and undercoated. 

However, it’s not all distractions and impending deadlines; I have some progress to report.  Despite my best efforts as procrastination, I’ve been chipping away at my Chaos Warrior standard bearer for the last week or so and have been rewarded with all the major bodily details being completed.  All that remains now is the basing, the banner, and the niggling details such a fur, teeth etc.  Getting this unit completed will be a big boost for me and will work to encourage me to paint more (I’ve been struggling to get the unit done for almost a year now).  Once that unit is completed, I’ll be starting a bit of a painting challenge within my local painting group.  In the next article I’ll expand more on it (namely because I need to decide on the specifics myself), but rest assured it will be a valuable tool in getting my forces completed in time for July. 

Before I close I’ll be keeping a running tally on the progress of the Army for Tricksters Blade, counting down the remaining days and counting up the number of units completed (at least I hope the number of completed units will increase.  God help me if it decreases!).  Completed units must be completely painted, sealed and based (which includes movement base).  At this stage my budding army looks as follows:

Number of Days Remaining:  95
Number of Units Completed: 1

As I quickly scan through the units in my army, I quickly realise that there are an inordinate number of them that are approximately 90% completed, but due to details such as incomplete bases or missing movement trays, they remain unfinished (my Chaos Hounds, Ogres and BSB immediately spring to mind, closely followed by my Marauders). All I can hope is that as time goes on, the number of incomplete units will quickly diminish, joining the lone sorcerer so he doesn’t feel quite so alone. 

Catch you all later.


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