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Saturday, June 10, 2017

BMG: Playing Catch-up (Pt 2)

Hooo-boy!  Now that I’m actually writing again, I’m super keen to get it all written up and ‘out into the wild’ as it were.  As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, the Long Halloween event was split into 2 events – one at the end of October and one at the beginning of November.  After Kev had claimed his victory in the first event, Scarecrow’s plans for Gotham had become derailed somewhat.  This event was Scarecrow’s last chance to see his plan succeed...

Ironically, there were no players taking Scarecrow this time, so it was decided that Crane’s employer had travelled to Gotham to personally ensure that the plan got back on schedule.  In full Christopher Nolan theme, Ra’s Al Neeson and his band of mercenaries took to the table (a list I’d taken to call the PotUS formation before the FAQ's killed it).  Kev took to the streets with an Arrow Crew while Nath brought with him the Court of Owls, determined to see the Gotham fall under their sway once more.   Despite running a League of Shadows crew, I took what I felt was a decidedly unusual list:

Ra’s Al Ghul

AK Talia

Prisoner 04

Commercial Table

Downtown Gotham

Industrial Table

Round 1 saw me take the bye again first up as Owl and Cop went head to head in Downtown Gotham.  Both tore into each other with unbridled ferocity and the casualties piled up quickly.  At the end of the match there weren’t many miniatures left either side, but Nath claimed a strong victory.

Round 2 saw Kev with the bye as Nath and I squared off against one another.  The Court took a number of strategies that pushed his deployment zone as far forward as possible, allowing him to close in on my League as quickly as possible.  Despite the distinct lack of Ninjas on my part (not matter how good Yang is, he’s still only counts as one), I was determined to hold my own against the zombie pops.

Running headlong into danger, everyone had one rule – avoid the Butcher.  And that’s exactly what the crew did.  I manoeuvred enough so that the Butcher was unable to safely engage while doing what I could to pick off any isolated warriors I could find.  Despite some initial setbacks, I was able to get ahead in points and claim a win.  Prisoner 04 was key to this success, abandoning Ra’s to claim the objective points needed to win.

League of Shadows Deployment

Court of Owls Deployment

In the final game of the day, Nath was given the bye and Kevin and I faced off.  While doing relatively well with his arrow list earlier today, it was my turn to experience exactly what goons from the TV show must feel as many of my models discovered that a bullet-proof vest doesn’t stop a broad head arrow.  Despite Queen’s insistence that Ra’s had ‘failed this city’ (I mean really? It’s more like this city failed itself!  It’s hardly Metropolis after all!) the immortal warlord advanced on his foes like the predator he is.  One notable moment saw no less than 3 henchmen all gang up on Hawkgirl in what would become a futile attempt to bring her down.  It eventually took Ra’s himself to clip her wings.  Throughout the game, Ollie was a persistent pain in the ass, shooting anything and anyone that moved into range / line of sight.  Regardless of his stellar performance, he was unable to prevent Ra’s from taking out a win.

At the end of the day I was able to bag a win, bringing the League’s vision into fruition of a Gotham primed to tear itself apart.  Unfortunately, being the TO, I was ineligible for prizes so victory was awarded to Nath who was only a few points behind me on the leader board.  Best part of the player pool though, is that everyone went home with a prize which is awesome.

Despite the reduced numbers attending, it was a great day overall and I was glad that everyone had fun.  While I was disappointed that there weren’t as many ppl attending as I would have liked, it’s all good experience for the next one.

Catch you all later, 



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