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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#TerrainTuesday - Snowhere near the End

Finally my quest for hedges have come to an end.  After months of gruelling (sometimes even torturous) progress, the end is in sight.  After this article, no longer will you, dear reader, be bombarded with Bush related puns, memes and other quasi-humorous word-games that usually comes with the territory.  Those interested in a recap of the whole saga should follow the 'Bush' tag and it should give you all you need.

Good God... this is where I left you last time?  Well then this may come as
a bit of a surprise.....
Looking at the last progress pic above, I cannot help but feel as though I've seriously neglected by updates.  I mean seriously, a whole crap-tonne of work has been done since this pic was taken!  First and foremost is that I've added a layer of snow to the tops of the hedges!  Over the course of several movies, I built up a pretty epic concoction of PVA, snow flock and white paint before slopping it on the top of each of the hedge sections, allowing it to spread as it will.  Best make sure that when you do it, you make sure to add a bit of water to ensure that you get a smooth application and the snow dries relatively smooth.  Like with all my snow, the same old process was followed - apply the base layer of flock, seal with PVA, paint white, apply more flock, and seal with final layer of PVA.  With the tops done, the hedges looked like this:

1. Apply first layer of flock and PVA

2. Add layer of white paint

3. Seal second layer of flock with PVA.

With the tops done, the basing became the order of the day.  Trampolining off of my newly completed base for Archaon, I dove into the hedges, smashing out the entire basing process across a movie, and a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds.

Not that they're completed, I can proudly add several new terrain pieces to my collection.  As it so happens, I'm amassing quite a collection of terrain for my snow table, a development which is certainly not unwelcome.  Now that this particular project is done, it's time to turn my focus to the other half-completed projects that grace my work-bench / terrain shelf.  With my renewed interest in 40K, I think a bit of city-fight terrain is in order.  But not before I update the resolution tracker:

Pieces of Fantasy Terrain completed: 14 (+10)

Catch you all later,



  1. me a good snow map

    1. Hear hear! Now all I need to do is get around to varnishing the snow table so that it's somewhat durable and I'll be in business!