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Monday, December 19, 2011

Campaign Update: Palisades Pt. 2

When planning my time off last month, I had such grand plans for my wargaming hobby.  Terrain days, painting sessions and gaming events were all lined up and ready to go just waiting for me to return from the beach and get the ball rolling.  Then Skyrim was the released and all those plans went out the window.  Instead of days filled with the tinkling of paintbrushes being washed out and the soft grating of a utility knife cutting through balsa and possibly the occasional Xbox session with Oblivion; my week was filled with Dragons, Daedra and the surprisingly soothing cycle of Smithing and Enchanting all manner of weapons, armour and jewellery (when I’m not romping through the varied countryside of Skyrim that is).

Thankfully, despite this unforeseen hijacking of my semi-planned hobby bonanza, I still managed to find some time to work on my ever-growing set of fortifications.  Using the time I’ve allocated wisely, I’ve gotten to work quickly, intent on getting as much done in the short amount of time I’ve managed to allocate the project. 

One of the things I quickly learned was that measuring everything and marking it out all over the foam is very important if you don’t have a hot wire cutter of some description.  As I don’t have a spare $100 lying around to buy a hot foam knife, I’ve been using a heavy duty Stanley knife instead.  I’ve found the larger blade makes a better cut and is less likely to bend / twist or get stuck inside the foam itself and the markings on the foam ensures that you’re making the cut as straight as possible.    Regardless of all this prep, I still managed to make some of the cuts a little wonky.  Go figure :-s.

Thus far, all the components I’m working on are still very much WIP.  The towers still need to have their tops built and secured, while the gatehouse still needs an actual gate in addition to ramparts to go over the top.  The gate itself will be a challenge as I’m hoping to design one that actually opens and closes to add a sense of realism to the piece.  To do that however, will require components that I don’t have on hand at the moment, meaning that getting this section completed will take a little longer than I anticipated.  Fear not though, my scouts report that there is a massive force of undead marching towards my capital, whose strength is estimated at over 4000 points.  This has encouraged me to new heights of productivity as I desperately do not want to face these forces on the fields of battle without ample bonuses in my favour. 

Catch you all later


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