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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Dragon’s Blight begins to spread

With Trickster’s Blade behind me, this is usually a time of relaxation and reflection as I wind down after a stressful couple of weeks of desperately painting to a deadline.  During this wind-down period my hobby progress is usually restricted to small detail-orientated tasks that I didn’t have time to complete prior to the event such as bases, shields or perhaps multi-level highlighting on weapons or other surfaces.  This time has been no different, with the finishing touches of my first unit of Chaos Warriors being steadily applied to the last of the models and their movement tray.  This is an exciting time for me as I have never actually full completed a unit for any of my Chaos armies (which is a little sad now that I write it here).    I’m determined to ensure that this is just the first of many that will be completed by me as this army develops, particularly since I’ve been crazily building movement trays for all my current (and future) units since I received my second modular movement tray kit.  Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough angled components included in the pit and I find myself with a considerable surplus of edging and tray that I cannot rightly use for making movement trays.  Other prospective uses will need to be looked into in the future methinks.  For the moment, I shall continue learning how to prepare and base movement trays so that they match the imagery of my army which has turned out to be more difficult than I originally thought it would be (who’d have thunk it?). 

However, all of this effort will have been for nothing if I don’t get any models painted.  To that end, I’ve continued working on my Chosen in a bid to finish their shields in preparation for final assembly.  The best thing about the Chaos Knight boxed set is the fact that everything is so intricately detailed (and their shields are no exception).  Combined with the many different weapon and torso options, it is very unlikely that any of my Chosen models will ever look the same (a very exciting prospect).  Below are a couple progress shots of the unit, showing several of the painted shields that will be found in my unit of Chosen. 

Meanwhile, I’ve also made a time for a short trip to the Iron Kingdoms to do some work on my Legion of Everblight.  Over the past couple of months I haven’t had the time or the desire to give these models much more than a passing glance, however after playing a couple of games over the weekend my interest has been piqued once more.  I’ve spent a good deal of time assembling several Harriers and my Archer Unit Attachment in preparation for an upcoming 25 point game.  Up till now, I’ve been playing starter box games of around 14 points; however the increase in points means that I’m in need of reinforcements.  I’d like to field a couple more big Warbeasts however hobby cash is stretched a bit thin at the moment, so I guess they will just have to wait.  Instead I’ve decided to make do with some additional light warbeasts and an archer unit.  I’ve come to the conclusion that assembling Blighted Nyss Archers is possibly the most time consuming and frustrating task I’ve ever had to do in this hobby.  Not even assembling metal Daemonettes were as painful as these.  Thankfully I’ve finally decided on a paint scheme for my Legion and have begun the undercoating process (albeit a bit prematurely as the basing has not been completed).  I’ve started by undercoating my Warcaster, a Solo and all the light warbeasts I own (which is a decent number thanks to the starter box) and will be invigorating a painting scheme used for my old Daemonic Legion army (example of paint scheme found below) I had back in 6th Edition.  I’ll be doing up a test model in the very near future to see if this colour scheme is viable and if so, then I’m confident I’ll be able to bash out the Warbeasts in no time at all.  The infantry will be a little bit more involved with the presence of leathers and metal components, but once I have the colour scheme down, getting them all painted shouldn’t take too long at all. 

With the increased focus towards Hordes / Warmachine, I thought it would be good to include them in my Fortnightly Round-up of my hobby progress.  As can be seen below, I’ve included a tally of the number of Hordes units that have been completed, which will no doubt steadily rise as I dedicate more time towards getting models painted.  As I didn’t get much time to paint this week, the total number of models painted is woefully small.  On the upside however, another unit has been completed in my Fantasy army (Yay!) meaning that I’m another step closer to having a fully painted army.  By totalling the number of painted models in my 6 completed units thus far, I can happily say that my army totals just over 1000 points of painted models (meaning that I’m halfway to my goal of having a fully painted 2000 point Chaos Army), which is just pure awesome.

Number of Warhammer Fantasy Units Completed: 6
Number of Hordes Units Completed: 0
Number of Points painted this fortnight: 1 (1 Chosen Warrior Shield).

Catch you all later,


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