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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Basing-palooza and a new game from the outfield!

This week’s work has been a bit of a mixed bag thus far.  With my Easter break being dominated by a camping trip that spanned the entire 5 days off, there hasn’t been a lot of time available for painting or hobby work of any kind really.  However, like many hobbyists, I’ve adapted to this change and focussed on getting a number of smaller units out of the way while chipping away at the larger projects. 

My little Nibblers
Lilyth - Herald of Everblight

The first of the smaller projects off the rank is my new army for a game created by a company called Privateer Press found here. which goes by the name of Hordes.  ‘Hordes’ is the fantasy element that accompanies the steam-punk game of Warmachine, both of which are a table-top skirmish game.  With 8th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy becoming more suited to garage gaming, many players have turned their attentions to Privateer Press’s creation to fulfill their need for Tournament Play.  While I’m yet to play a game, I’m very impressed with the miniatures, although I’m finding that many of their bigger beasties are a bitch to assemble which is a bit of a downer.  Thus far, I’ve been assembling the contents of one of their starter boxes for a faction called ‘Legion of Everblight’.  In a nutshell, the Legion are a group of Dragon-worshipping Elves whose army not only sports units of pointy-eared emo elves, but also but also includes numerous blind draconic beasties designed to maim, rip and pretty much incinerate anything they come across.  Thus far I’ve assembled the Warlock called Lyllith and the four small beasts called ‘Shredders’ which are basically mouths with legs.  All of these can be seen in the picture above.  Also included in the box is one of their larger beasts called a Carnivean who I've just finished assembling. 

Carnivean side
Carnivean rear

My second smaller project is my unit of Chaos Ogres which I’m currently completing.  While they were painted for my previous army, I’ve never gotten around to finishing the units bases, which is where this week’s progress comes in.  I’ve included a small tutorial below for painting mountain bases and using snow flock.  I hope it will prove useful for some of you.  While they have not been very effecive in some of my games, I have a particular love for these models and enjoy having them in my army.  If nothing else, they provide a welcome distraction for enemy warmachines who seem to be devastatingly effective at blowing apart my units of infantry.   I've included here a bit of a tutorial for painting your bases to have the 'snowy mountain' look to them.  Keep in mind that I use 'Back-to-Base-ix' resin bases.  They are an Australian Company and one that I go to to base both my Fantasy and 40K armies and can be found here.

Step 1: Base coat the rocks using a 3:1 mix
of Codex Gray and  Chaos Black.  While you're
at it, over-brush the non-rock surfaces Skull White

Step 2: Dry-brush the rocks with a layer of Codex Gray

Step 3: Dry-brush the rocks again, this time using
Fortress Gray

Step 4:  Paint all the white areas with PVA glue and dunk it into
your snow flock.  Once you've gotten a good coating, paint all
the flocked areas with watered-down PVA glue to seal it in place.
Once that's dry, give the snow a second coat of Skull White.

Step 5:  Once the paint has dried, apply more glue to the 'snow'
and dip again for a second coat, making sure to seal it again with
watered-down PVA glue.
Finally, I've continued painting my slave unit fillers, getting the second pair completed and beginning work on the third.  While relatively easy models to paint, it does require a great deal of base coating, which is a part of the process that I find immensely tedious at the best of times.  I'm finding that if I’m able to break it up with either some assembly (some Hordes miniatures at the moment), some basing (like the Chaos Ogres), or even a bit of terrain work, the task becomes more bearable.  The other thing that helps is continuously painting small amounts on a regular basis.  For example, if I have a spare couple of minutes before work or before an engagement, I'll use that time to put a layer of paint on something, be it a base coat, a wash or a bit of a dry-brush, it doesn’t matter how much gets done, so long as there’s progress being made.

As time continues its exonerable march forward, I’ve begun pondering what units will march under Romulus Wolfkin’s Banner on the quest for the Tricksters Blade.  Taking into account units that have been completed, my Chaos Hounds, Ogres and my unit of Warriors are almost automatic choices.  In addition to that, I’ll be adding another 10 or so men to my Marauder unit with Shields, making them a solid grinding unit once given the Mark of Tzeentch – a perfect anvil unit to be flanked by a couple of small units of Khorne Warriors.  The biggest challenge will be in choosing the Heroes to lead the army – maximising their effectiveness while minimising their cost to the army.  

With that, I shall draw this entry to a close.  This fortnight has been quite lucrative for me in regards to number of points painted and will no doubt come in handy over the next few months.  So without further ado, here are my stats:

Number of Days remaining: 65
Number of Units completed: 4
Number of points painted this fortnight: 232 (Ogres with Great Weapon and Standard + 2 Chaos Warriors)

See you all next time


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